Spring has sprung!!

Well according to the Met Office it may have been the start of Meteorological Spring last week, (when we were knee deep in snow) and it may not be the Vernal Equinox until the end of the month, but for me, the first lambs to arrive mean that Spring is finally here in Ashleworth, especially as the snow is all but washed away, and the sun is putting on a halfway decent performance as well.

There's nothing quite like a ewe with her new lambs, in this case twins, one boy and one girl, to make you feel that winter is at last, if not over, then on the way out.

 This ewe is a Wiltshire Horn, a traditional old breed that sheds its fleece  naturally so needs no shearing, which I'm hoping will mean less work for me in the summer.

Being pretty hardy types they can lamb outside with no assistance, which is what this one did as I found when I went out to feed them this morning. I will put her in the barn tonight as the forecast is for frost and maybe some snow, but they seem good strong lambs and I think they will do well.


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