Storm Doris

We have, or rather had, an old disused milking parlour down at the end of the field. 
The roof was already off when we came here, and although I  have harboured thoughts of  restoring it, I was assured by everyone thatlooked at it that it ws beyond hope, and the recent storm Doris has finally  put paid to any such ideas. This is what remained after the storm
The makings of a nice brick path somewhere in the garden I think.
 There was though, the remains of three galvanised milking stanchions, which we have removed and will try to install in the poll barn
There was a bit of tree damage as well - this lovely apple tree has been more or less halved, it had way too much misteltoe on it's branches which I think may have contributed to the damage because of the weight. So some nice logs for the fire, some applewood sawdust for the smoker, and some tidying up to do.

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