Pink Gin and Other Antiques

I love old stuff, (no untoward joke will be inserted here at the expense of Mr Wilkinson, it's Valentines Day after all), but so apparently does everyone else. Again, I'm not referring to Mr Wilkinson here, but antiques programmes - you can't turn on the telly without being regaled by some tweedy suited expert in a bow tie going on about the value of some bit of old tat. Of course I do realise that one person's bit of tat is another's priceless antique, or at least "Vintage Collectable". And as I say I do love old stuff.
I have no idea of the values of things, and I only buy what I like, but Mr Wilkinson and I have a bit of an ongoing issue with what is called de-cluttering these days, so I try to limit myself to buying things that will be of actual use. Trying to go with William Morris "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful" would be my ideal, but you can't help thinking that Anti-Clutterists only read the first phrase,- Have nothing in your houses - and leave it at that! I could never be a minimalist!

So anyway that summarises my excuses for buying these lovely little glasses in a charity shop the other day. I say little, and they are small in comparison to the vast modern wine glasses we all use now, but they are so pretty I couldn't resist them. As I was standing at the counter to pay for them, all of £4.50 in total, the lady behind me pointed out that they were really too small to be of much use, what was I thinking of putting in them, clearly thinking no more than a small sherry when the vicar calls round.
  "Gin" said I,
"No room for the  ice lemon and tonic water though" she said doubtfully,
"Indeed," I said "but if you get your husband (other cocktail wizards are available) to shake it up in a cocktail shaker with ice and a dash of angosturas, then strain it into the glass, it should be just about the right size".
And indeed it is.


  1. She was probably hoping you would agree with her and put them back so she could grab them for herself. They are quite stunning and perfect.


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