It's been a while....

I can't believe how long it is since I last posted. Shameful. But you'll be relieved to know that the weeds in the veg garden are as prolific as ever, so plus ca change, as they say....

The lack of rainfall here has meant a great deal of time moving the hosepipe around the garden just to stop things dying of thirst. And the blog isn't the only thing I've neglected either - the tomato plants have only just gone out,

 and other tender things like peppers and aubergines are still in pots!

Also shameful. So now that I've given myself a good ticking off, I can at least say that the long border is looking pretty good.

 The roses are just coming out,and the peonies and delphiniums are inadequately staked but really lovely for all that, albeit  with a slightly inebriated Saturday night at 2am sway.

These are my favourite kinds of plants, early summer cottage garden reliables - a bit blowsy for some but perfect for me!

Life in the chicken run is pretty quiet at the moment. My two new Goldtops have gone broody already, which is just what I hoped for, and they are installed in two separate runs with six each of Lavender Auracana, and Rhode Island Red eggs to sit on. In fact three of the Lavender Auracanas have hatched this morning.

Not a very good picture I'm afraid, but you have to be a bit quick around grumpy mother hens with new chicks. But then I suppose I'd be a bit grumpy if I'd been sitting on my own in a box for three weeks....

 The three Cuckoo Marans that I hatched in the incubator earlier in the year are now in the run, but I have the suspicion that two of them are cockerels. It's too early to tell definitively, but it looks like at least one roast dinner in prospect! We will have to see.

One of the reasons for my lack of posting recently is we've been busy looking around at houses, as we are thinking of moving to somewhere with a bit more land, not just so that I can grow more weeds, though no doubt I will, but so that I can keep some livestock. I've had quite a bit of experience now with chickens, ducks, and bees, but as I said to the estate agents, I'd like to branch out into something without wings. Like say, pigs, or sheep. Or a lovely Jersey cow. I think I'm probably getting carried away to smallholding heaven - pigs might fly, oh no not wings again.....


  1. Hi! I've missed you! You have good reason, so your absence is ok by me! Moving? Such work! More land? The prospect of some non-feathered critters, how fun! I do love your flowers, very pretty!

  2. I was starting to get a little worried about you :0)
    So nice to see all is well in your neck of the woods!
    Your post is,as usual, a delight ! You never fail to give me a good chuckle.
    I hope you find your lil patch of paradise to grow more weeds and wingless friends!
    I wait with bated breath for the stories ...

  3. All extremely good reasons for not posting, so how can we be cross!!

    Hope the little chicks do well, we have another Lavender Pekin sitting at the moment.

    You only have to take your eyes off the weeds for half a day and they take over, if only plants could do as well!!

    Sue xx

  4. Welcome back, Kathy. Been a bit lax myself, so much to do and the time flies by.

    Don't mention weeds, dry it might be but they still keep growing well.

  5. From chickens to a cow! What a leap upwards, good luck

  6. Thanks everyone, onwards and upwards, well onwards anyway! Kathy

  7. Wishing you well in your search for a house with more land, and hope you find it soon. Have missed your posts.

  8. I'm late getting things out too but the wind has been so bad I didn't want to risk my precious plants getting snapped off as soon as they got outdoors!
    The dry weather doesn't stop weeds from growing does it?

  9. More land to pull weeds from would be great! Ha! Love the little chicks.

  10. If you're busy with animals and gardens it's hard to find time (and energy!) to to do blog posts. Hope you find what you are looking for in the way of a new place, I remember years ago staying at a B & B in Shropshire where they had a Jersey house cow. She was lovely and they let my daughter have a go at milking her:) iT'S NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS.

  11. Oooh the prospect of more land... How lucky! :) I'd love a place in the country with a bit more land, it's my main goal at some point... :)


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