Monday, 28 March 2011

Robincam off air

Sorry to everyone who's tried to tune into Robincam and found it offline or not working. I don't know why it won't work anymore, I'm trying to fix it, but frankly I'm losing the will to live  there's not all that much to see at the moment. I will upload videos as soon as there's any hatch activity if I can't get the live feed to work. This computer stuff takes us far too much valuable garden  time especially at this time of year. Must get my tomato seeds sown or I'll have no crop this year!

Video from this morning, still sitting here.........


  1. This is just as good! Good luck with the tomatoes. I'm in Adelaide, Australia and am still picking ripe toms. For some reason mine matured quite late in the season while most of my relatives are starting to buy from the markets, my household are picking from the vines, I just have to be careful of the Brown Snakes slithering around! Between my Grandmother and my crops so far we have bottled 200 x 750ml jars of passata!! :O) Take care

  2. Too bad, but you can just play around, so long and it's time to get to business. You got further along than I would have with that web cam!

  3. Good luck with the webcam stuff. Anything to do with blogging or the Internet seems to take up hours of time, and the garden is also voracious in its appetite to eat up hours of time. Could do with two of us, I think, at this time of the year: one to do inside jobs and one to do outside jobs! Also, thanks for reminding me about needing to get those tomato seeds planted.

  4. It's just lovely seeing the videos of the robins on your posts, but I know what you mean about losing the will to live when you're trying to do something on the computer and you're just going round in circles.

  5. Had a look the other day, but just got black. Now you've taken it off air, I'm getting it! It's fascinating.



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