Birdbox update

I've invested in some of this for my new garden residents
Who knew you could get gourmet food for robins? Mr Wilkinson is complaining that they get better food than he does. (I'm on a diet, and when I'm on a diet, he's on a diet)

 I don't know how many eggs robins normally lay, but as you can see she is proceeding apace. But then why wouldn't she - comfortable modern house in a good area, and  more worms and peanuts than you can shake a stick at, so no worries about the kids going hungry.

She only visits the nest once a day though at the moment. She's there in the mornings when she lays an egg, and then she's off until the next day. So we will have to see when she thinks she has enough eggs to start sitting. I'm finding all this fascinating, and can't wait to check in the mornings to see what's happening. So exciting.


  1. Yippeee! Babies on the way!

  2. Wonderful. You always wonder what they get up to when they are hidden in the hedges (or a flowerpot in our case last year!). So looking forward to following this family. thank you. Ann x

  3. Robin food? I didn't know! It's early for me to get my "something new"! That camera is a wonder, love it!

  4. fantastic! all this excitement is almost too much to bear, now the waiting begins! Well done, yollie ;o)

  5. Wonderful, thanks for the update


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