Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing

...well not so much Wild Thing as Wild Bird, - (there are quite a few "Wild Things" I could manage without, - foxes, grey squirrels, and rats for example), but I've really been enjoying the wild birds just lately on my new bird table. We seem to be getting through peanuts at a rate of knots at the moment.
Birds are said to begin looking for nesting places on St Valentine's Day, February 14th, though this somewhat arbitrary date will obviously vary with the weather, and the ones in my garden still haven't made any use yet of my other Christmas present, the webcam equipped nesting box. Even though I've moved it to a more secluded position in the midst of a clematis alpina, (var Francis Rivis, not that I expect them to appreciate the variety), but guys, just use it please - it's rent free. I've even taken the front off now to encourage a wider variety of birds to consider this desirable residence and every morning when I come down I anxiously check the tv screen, and am disappointed to find no one in there. David says I must be more patient. But patience never was my strong point.

And just quickly on the subject of things that make your heart sing,

 it's hard not to be thrilled by the smallest flowers in February, a few little species crocus, like these crocus thomasinianus, a favourite of my son's.

and even the otherwise rather ordinary flowers of winter jasmine are always such a joy simply because they're there in February.

And snowdrops always make a good show in this shady graveyard area under deciduous trees, (that's pet's graveyard I hasten to add, nothing more sinister..)


  1. Hi Kathy,
    We already have a couple of Doves building a nest up in the conifer.

    Sparrows have also found a hole in the soffit of the house so hopefully that will be another nesting couple here. We are trying to build their numbers up by keeping them fed and making the environment for them and other birds as good as we can.

    Nice shots of your Spring flowers!

  2. I am very envious of your nest cam, I would love to have one in the garden. We have many feeders of various sorts and quickly go through a 50 pound bag of seed. Our conservatory is at ground level so we spend a good part of the day watching and recording bird life in the garden

  3. Oh, I so hope something sets up housekeeping in your birdie-cam! That would be so cool!

    Your flowers, especially the forsythia, is lovely. "Early" spring by our calender here in Nebraska... Enjoy!

  4. I was watching a woodpecker doing some kind of dance yesterday morning, I didn't have time to get the camera, I am not familiar with their courtship.

    Is definitely time to put the old string mop out for the nesters in need of something soft. Well, it's not old, it's brand new, but you know what I mean.

    You are really getting Springtime there! Sigh... no blooms around here as yet. Next month, maybe.

  5. You have snowdrops and crocuses! And, we're still buried under piles of snow. Thanks for posting those pictures, because I have a feeling that a great many of us here in the States will be living vicariously through you for a couple of months yet.

  6. Spring is here for sure looking at your photos :-) We have very few birds here in the middle of the village in the UK but I saw a robin today and a blue tit for the first time here. Diane

  7. Looks like spring over there. I hope someone will take you up on your rent free offer, I would love to see pics from the cam.--Inger

  8. Ooh, I hope you get a tenant for the cam box soon.

  9. The birds in our local woods are already building nests and I expect they are building among the hedges in my garden too, I always have blackbirds and hedgesparrows here and almost certainly others that I never find:)

  10. I really like that first bird feeder and a webcam equipped nesting box...how neat is that.:) Speaking of birds, we saw lots of robins the other day...a sure sign of spring they say. Your pictures are quite lovely, crocus is one of my favorite flowers.

  11. Dear Kathy, Gosh, a nesting box complete with webcamera. What will you think of next? Perhaps hot and cold running water and a power shower will encourage someone to take up residence! I am sure this most stylish of nesting boxes complete with the beautiful Clematis a. 'Frances Rivis' in its front garden will entice a happy couple very soon!!

  12. I really like your bird feeder too. Your Spring blooms look lovely... it shouldn't be too long for Spring here.


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