Sunday, 14 November 2010

Poppy Day

Today is Remembrance Sunday in the UK, or Poppy Day, when red poppies are worn in commemmoration of Armistice Day when peace was declared at the end the First World War, the war to end all wars. I found this touching footage of the Battle of The Somme.

I have no fear nor shrinking. I have seen death so often that it is not strange or fearful to me. I thank God for this ten weeks' quiet. Life has always been hurried and full of difficulty. This time of rest has been a great mercy. They have all been very kind to me here. But this I would say, standing in view of God and eternity, I realise that patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone.
Last words of Nurse Edith Cavell, shot before a firing squad,  October 1915


  1. May we never forget the sacrifices....

  2. Great post, may we never forget. If only people could live in peace! Diane

  3. A lovely tribute. Thank you for sharing it. :)

  4. Wonderful post, non of us must ever forget.

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!


  6. Sweet blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News.



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