Harvest Time

Now seems like a good time to post a few pics of the current seasons crops.

I've been really busy with family stuff for the last few weeks so the garden is groaning under the weight of stuff that needs picking and storing. We've done very well on the stone fruits this year, the Victoria plum tree (above) has produced a large amount of fruit, and the damson Merryweather
 has, after several years of standing around doing nothing very much, produced a huge basketfull of fruit
ready for copious numbers of crumbles, and jam. Surprisingly, I find the fruits are also delicious raw, - I always associate damsons with jamming and cooking, -certainly the wild versions seem much more tart, but this cultivated variety is flavourful, rich and sweet. I would certainly recommend it, provide you're not in a rush as I planted this tree some four years or so ago.

The tomato plants have continued to crop well this year too,

so we will be having plenty of lovely tomato salad, with lots left over for makiing a delicous sauce for use all through the winter, I gave the recipe last year

I've also got round to buying a proper fruit press this year, so I'm hoping to be able to make the most of my windfall apples.
I tried to store my surplus crop last year, but I found that I lost quite a large number of fruits due to spoilage. Clearly any slightly blemished fruit will have to be used or juiced to avoid wastage, so my plan this year is to inspect all fruits for storage very carefully, and to use or juice the rest. I may even have a bash at cider making. I could be the Eddie Grundy of Latton, more details later.


  1. Mmmmm, that's quite the harvest. Just think about the winter, when your pantry will be stocked full of all of those delicious memories of summer.

  2. Those plums look good! Our plum tree is probably 7 years old and have never had a decent crop. This year, the apple tree didn't do much either. You are so fortunate that your trees and garden are doing so well! All your goodies will help with the long drear of winter!

  3. Dear Kathy, What bounty your garden has given you this year and, as you say, everything can be used in so many delicious ways that nothing needs to be wasted.

    I always think that damsons are somewhat undervalued and, in addition to crumbles and jam which you mention here and a variety of other uses, make the most wonderful ice cream.

  4. What a bumper crop !They all look so good !
    That lot will keep you busy for awhile :0)

  5. I certainly hope so Louise!
    Thanks Sharon, hope your trees do better next season
    Hello Edith, funnily enough David also suggested damson ice cream when he saw the crop, so I will have to give that a try.
    Hi Granny, yes it will indeed keep me busy
    Thanks Melodie

  6. I'm sure the fruit press will come in very handy, the cider project sounds very interesting.

  7. picking potatoes, onions and shallots myself today for drying off....
    nice not to have the wet weathr isnt it?lovely photos kathy...

    have you thought of teaching people about growing veg and fruit/? you would be good at it

  8. Hi, Kathy, That is one mouth-watering harvest! Pam

  9. What a wonderful time of year when all our hard work comes to fruition!


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