On a more successful note than the broad beans, I'm very pleased with my summer brocolli, or calabrese, as it should properly be called. I've never managed to grow good calabrese before, although I've often had  success with the winter purple sprouting kind. I've tended to think of it as "difficult" but I think I was mistaken. This variety is Corvet and has been very quick and surprisingly easy. Sowed in modules and planted out at about six inches high, about a foot and a half apart. Firm in well, water generously. It makes a large central head and after you've cut that, the side shoots make a second crop of spears to cut a little later. Highly recommended, give it a go.
 I have to cover all brassicas in my garden against pigeons, and it helps to keep the cabbage white butterfly at bay. Note the rogue "volunteer" potato plant coming through on the left!


  1. I have only tried purple sprouting, I will get a bit more adventurous when we make the final move. Diane

  2. I wouldn't know one brocolli from another, but I used to plant one kind and it did great! Whatever it was. Love it! Yours look great!

  3. Looks great! We plant those as our winter garden here!

  4. These are doing really well - I know the netting is essential as I still cant believe the amount of caterpillars we found on our brassicas last year. I gave up removing them in the end and called it quits. Im glad to see Im not the only gargdener with rogue potatoes! Happy gardening, have a nice weekend.

  5. kathy
    are you losing veg to the dry weather?
    alot of my stuff is started to seed!!!

  6. Hi Diane, I'm sure you'll be fine with Corvet

    Thanks Sharon

    Hi Melodie, It's got to get a lot colder for before our winter brocolli gets going!

    Thanks Freerangegirl, Those caterpillars certainly are a nightmare, I find some years worse than others, this year so far hasn't been as bad as last, fingers crossed

    Hello John, Yes things are going over much faster because of the lack of rain, I'm watering as much as I can, but it's never the same and only keeps things ticking over.


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