Here's Johnny...

If I didn't see this with my own eyes each year, I would scarcely believe it to be true. As I said last month David sets the pampas grass on fire every year when it gets past its best, and it goes in the space of a few weeks, from this burnt offering

to this
bursting through the charcoal like a phoenix from the ashes, or if you're not that keen on Pampas Grass, like Jack Nicholson in the Shining...


  1. "The Shining" was much scarier than pampas grass. I had nightmares!

  2. Jack is so good in The Shining...what I heart kept leaping out of my chest.

  3. Hi GSS Jack has a lot more going for him than pampas grass if you ask me!

  4. Hi sophie I love the roguish jack but I can't watch scary films I'm such a wuss so I've never seen the shining only clips that was enough for me

  5. I so love your posts and sence of humour!
    But NOT scary movies !!!
    The only movie I liked Jack in was "As good as it gets"
    Cause I kinda liked him in the end :0)

  6. Hi Granny, One of my all time favourite films, I loved Jack in it!!

  7. Wow, that's crazy. I wonder if you can get rid of Crape Murtles this way? Ugh.


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