The Whirring Blades

Isn't it amazing how, as you get older, everyday events bring to mind all kinds of memories of times past. I already mentioned my trial of the Buzz Off bird scarer product,

 and it does seem to be having some effect, since I still have some cherries on the tree.  So far so good. 

The downside, if there is one, is the sound of whirring that surrounds me as I go about my daily weeding, watering, planting and so on.  When my children were small they often  played an inexplicable (to me) game of The Whirring Blades, which as far as I was ever able to see, entailed a great deal of hurtling round the house at breakneck speed, accompanied by shrieking at high volume, "it's the whirring blades, coming to get you!" And so, although the whirring in the garden might have been a bit of an annoying  downside, in fact it just makes me smile every time I hear it and I'm transported back to those days all those years ago, when my children, who are now having children of their own, were just kids creating havoc and  having  fun.


  1. i am just about to make a scarecrow to keep the crows off my hens eggs!!!!

  2. Funny what things will key memories. I'm glad this is a happy one for you.

  3. Hope you can harvest a good crop of cherries this year. The birds always get all our cherries or maybe they just don't set because of the bad weather.


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