The South East facing wall of our house is the "blue" wall, in early summer and this is the first of the blue plants it houses to come into flower. It's clematis alpina Francis Rivis - I'll show you the others in a week or two when they come out. If I say so myself it's quite an effective display.
This is the view from my kitchen window.
You can see the blue flowers of the clematis on the right hand side growing up the wall outside the kitchen window and as I only get round to pruning it when I can't see out of the window any more, it's consequently a mass of twigs underneath the new growth, which makes it an irrisistible nesting area for birds in the spring. Usually it's wrens, this year I think there's a robin in there and possibly a blackbird. It's a lovely view while I'm doing the washing up - the nodding blue flowers, and the hard working birds nipping in and out to the nest.


  1. That's a lovely clematis - and lovely to have the birds nesting so close.

  2. Thanks, Choclette, it does help make the washing up a bit more bearable!

  3. I love your view!! The house that we live in now is the first one that has had a kitchen window looking out onto something worth looking at--For me as well, it "almost" makes standing at the sink doing dishes etc., enjoyable!!


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