Home Made Ice Cream

I've been clearing the freezer of any remnants of last year's soft fruit crop, ready for this year's surplus (she said hopefully), and I've also had rather too many eggs. Since my depleted poultry numbers post fox, I've not been selling eggs at the gate, but I still have a generous supply for the house and friends, but just lately a rather too "excellent sufficiency"! And since there's only so many omelettes a person can eat, I thought a good way of using up both surpluses would be ice cream.

Let me say straight away that I think an ice cream maker is not a luxury but a necessity here. You can do it without, but it's a real faff, and ice cream makers are not all that expensive. I have a Magimix le Glacier, which lives in the freezer so that it's always ready for use, I think it cost me about £20 a few years ago. You can get expensive electric ones that have their own freezing capability, but they're for real ice cream fanatics and cost loads.  But is is nice to be able to enjoy something so luxurious, and yet knowing that it's full of good stuff, because you made it yourself.

Most ice cream recipes are based on a cooked egg custard, which is fine, but I have discovered that you can make it much quicker without making the custard first. This is based on a Ben and Jerry's recipe (and they should know) from a little book of  their recipes I've had for some years and which uses uncooked eggs. (Throw up hands in horror) So obviously only use it where you know your eggs are good and fresh, such as from your own birds, for example. Although I must say, you'd have to cook a dodgy egg a lot more than making custard with it to make it safe to eat, so use good fresh free range eggs and make your own ice cream, mayonnaise and so on, with an unfurrowed brow.

3 large eggs (I use duck eggs, because I have a lot of them)
6 oz/150gr caster sugar
3/4 pint/450ml double cream
1/4 pint/150ml full fat milk

Your chosen flavouring, I made
1.Vanilla using seeds from 1 vanilla pod plus 1 teasp vanilla essence
 2.Strawberry by using up some strawberry puree in the freezer ( never throw away strawbs that have gone a bit mushy, whizz them in the blender with caster sugar and lemon juice and freeze)

Beat the eggs and sugar with a mixer, until light and fluffy. Gradually pour in the cream still beating and finally the milk. Add your chosen flavouring to taste, bearing in mind that ice cream needs to be more strongly flavoured and sweeter than you would normally do to allow for the freezing effect.
Transfer to your ice cream maker and churn following the maker's instructions.

Et Voila.

Ben and Jerry's little book also has a very good Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce recipe, which I will share with you another day (if you're very, very good)


  1. What a clever idea of not cooking the custard- thankyou for the recipe. I've been itching to use the icecream maker, but I won't until I've lost another half a stone- can't resist homemade icecream!

  2. That looks so yummy. And when you make it yourself, you know exactly what is in it, and that's the best part.

  3. tammyk - good luck with the diet, hope you're more successful than me!
    Louise - sure does
    WindowOTP - That's the best part isn't it

  4. oh my gosh does that look and sound good! I am afraid if I had that in my freezer, ahem, where it would not stay long, I would have to put in extra miles every day running! Might be worth it though :O)....

  5. Super clever recipe and so nice to share it

  6. Someone just gave us an ice cream maker that has never been used--THANKS for the recipe and giving me a good reason to use it--Like I needed one!! :-)))

  7. Hello Texan - it really is worth it you know!

    Hi Teawithone - enjoy!

    Hi Kim - Hope you enjoy using your new ice cream maker, it can be addictive I've found!


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