Coldest May Night For Fifteen Years

We've just had the coldest May night for fifteen years, according to the Met Office, but hopefully we should be moving into a warmer spell soon, even if it means some rain. Personally I blame Daniel Corbett, he never forecasts normal weather. I put some dwarf French Beans out last week and they don't look too happy,

 so I'm going to quickly sow a few replacements in modules in case they don't pick up.

I'm also going to put my runner and climbing french beans out tomorrow, I've been taking them in and out of the greenhouse for the last week or more, trying to harden them off a bit, and at the same time avoid the freezing temperatures we've been having at night. I don't mind the odd late frost, I can work round that but the bean modules have been in and out like pints of beer this last week, and I've had enough of it. The evening gavotte in and out of the greenhouse door with armfuls of pots is a pain. So they're going out tomorrow and hope for the best. And the first squashes and courgettes will be following soon after. So I hope you've got that Daniel, no more frost please!!
Fingers crossed.


  1. Fingers crossed here that your tender seedlings will be okay!!

  2. I'll lift a pint to that in agreement. We have the same here in Oregon. We have been promised some nice weather for a week then back to the rain and cool nights. I'm that sick of trundling trays in and out of the greenhouse, tripping on unseen hazards in the dark and falling smack down on top of the whole mess. My last was a tray of summer squash, oh what a mess. Mind you, tonight it is "survival of the fittest".

  3. I was up before the dawn this morning, I ventured over to the woods to listen to the dawn chorus and it was flipping freezing (but worth it though lol). I love daniel corbit and his eccentric forecasting.
    Hope your beans make it and the weather gets warmer, all my bedding plants are gettting leggy in my coldframe waiting to be put in baskets.


  4. Doc, sounds like the same as here, do be careful though, you don't want to do yourself a damage!
    Jess - Isn't the dawn chorus wonderful, not that I'm often up early enough to hear any of it mind you!

  5. This cold weather means things are backing up in the greenhouse, but I'm not brave enough to put them out yet. I hope the warmer weather hurries up or the greenhouse will be too overgrown to get into soon. We haven't had any frost but the wind is so cold and severe. I started to take things out for the daytime to harden them off but I got fed up getting so cold myself I have given up for now!

  6. ...and that's the weather.....for now!

  7. Your brave - unless you have good cloches!
    I've yet to sow runner beans and squashes - my instinct says hold on a bit longer.

    Hopefully the cold snap will pass and the weather will start to warm up next week.


  8. It makes you feel like that Nina

    Indeed James, indeed

    Celia, forecast wetter and rainier for next few days


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