The Best Chocolate Fudge Sauce In The World, Ever

The somewhat convoluted explanation for having this recipe just now, is that I've got rather too many eggs at the moment, and I thought ice cream would be a good way to use them up, especially as double cream was on offer at Tescos at £1 for half a litre, instead of £1.70, so I bought several. There are  no eggs in the  sauce, but you can't have Chocolate Ice Cream Fudge Sundae without Chocolate Fudge Sauce, so here it is.

I take no credit/blame for this sauce, it's entirely Ben and Jerry's fault. I have Ben and Jerry's ice cream recipe book from a few years ago,and this is the chocolate fudge sauce they recommend for ice cream sundaes. And they should know. I'm not sure why you have to cook it so long and slow, I did mess about with it and tried to speed things up a bit, because I'm impatient, but I found that it just crystallised and spoilt, so now I've learned my lesson and stick more or less to the letter of the recipe, and it never fails. And although it takes a while, you don't have to stand over it all the time, so you can have it on the hob while you're doing something else and just give it a stir from time to time.

It makes quite a large amount, but it keeps in the fridge for a few weeks in a jar, but then it never has the chance in my fridge...

4oz/100g 70% dark chocolate
4oz/125gr butter
3oz/75g cocoa powder
8oz/450gr caster sugar
1/4pint/125ml milk

Melt the chocolate and butter in a bowl over simmering water.  Stir in the cocoa and the sugar (The mixture should be the consistency of wet sand) Stir over hot water for about 20 minutes.
Gradually stir in the cream and milk. Keep cooking over the hot water, stirring occasionally for 1 hour. It's ready when completely smooth and all the sugar is dissolved.

I'll leave you to think up your own additions like vanilla ice cream, chopped nuts, whipped cream, grated chocolate, marshmallows, etc etc, you get the idea.


  1. And, I have a container of vanilla gelato in the freezer that would go perfectly with! Resist, Louise, resist!

  2. Boy, does that sound good! Thanks for the recipe!

    Enjoy! ;-)

  3. WOW, this looks and sounds delicious!

  4. I have this recipe and I totally agree, it has a rich flavor that is worth the wait! I also tried to speed it up and got the same kind of results you did. THANKS for reminding me about it because I have a couple of friends with birthdays and it makes a great gift too!

  5. Hi Louise, it's a killer for the waistline I know

    Hi Sharon Lexi and Texan, hope you enjoy!

    Hi Kim Yes indeed it's a lovely gift idea too!


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