Ashes To Ashes

The Pampas Grass was looking a bit tatty so David set it on fire.

He does this every year around this time and this is what it looked like after the inferno
  I have to say, I would be less than heartbroken if that was the end of it, but amazingly it rises phoenix like from the ashes within weeks to grow and flower again. It's not my favourite plant, by any means, but it's impossible to dig out, and since it isn't apparently going to take the hint and just fade away, this is as good a  way as any of getting rid of the old tatty foliage.If foliage is the right word for the razor sharp blades it produces. You can't help admiring a plant that comes back from this though can you?

Speaking of Ashes To Ashes, did you see the last episode on Friday? Don't you just love the Gene Genie?


  1. That's the thing about grasses. Fire seems to be good for them. I'm sure it's less work than cutting it down. Wow!

  2. Well I am so glad I tootled over here! In a million years I would not have set a Pampas Grass on fire to well get rid of the uglies... here in Texas you see a lot of Pampas Grass. I actually like it :O)... so now I know just set it on fire LOL to clean it up :O)...

  3. Pampas is a invasive plant here in NZ, I don't think you can even buy them anymore. There is a NZ native that is similar call toi toi..I think. I'm not overly keen on then either but I do love grasses.

  4. Hello Kathy :0)
    I noticed you had become a follower of my I thought I would pop over and say welcome !
    I really like your blog,the icecream looks devine,lol...I have an icecream maker,but never really found a recipe Im happy with.So I think I will give your a go,thankyou.
    Have a great day..Ill be back soon.

  5. They say you learn something new every day! Well, for sure, I just did! DH had said something about getting some and I didn't know how to control them when they get "done". Great! We may put some in next year, along the road, maybe it will keep the trucks from widening the road into our yard! Thanks!
    While I am here - nice to see you have joined Life With Jack N Jill!

  6. Pampas grass is indestructible, isn't it? here in California is considered a bad invasive and works parties are periodically organized to try and rid wild spaces of them, with not much success. You are lucky that you can enjoy such a beautiful plant without having to worry about its bad environmental habits.

  7. In my youth I fought in a three year "Battle of the Pampas" at the Manor. The end result found me cut to ribbons, two broken spades, a fine for burning out of season and a deep hatred for grass plants. I thought that blackened lump made a lovely picture....nice bit of photography, I must say :o)

  8. Hi GSS - amazingly it does seem to be good it!

    Hello Texan - hope it works for you

    Hi SJM - I'm not surprised to hear that it's an invasive species in the right environment, it's so strong

    Hi Granny - hope you enjoy the recipe
    Hello Sharon, hope it works as well for you as it has for us

    Hi Angela - Amazing to think of it growing madly everywhere

    Hi Doc - Glad you like the photo!


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