Not That I'm One to Complain About The Weather....

It seems no sooner has the snow and ice gone, than this happens

By the time I got down to the greenhouse this morning, the temperature had risen to almost a hundred degrees! It's not that hot here in April, but it is bright and sunny, and although I have two automatic vents in the greenhouse, it isn't enough to keep the temperature down to reasonable levels when the sun's in full force.

I will have to remember to get down there straight after breakfast if the sunny weather continues, so that I can open the door and all the windows. Amazingly, it's also really dry in the garden nowas we've had no rain for several weeks and I have had to get the hose pipe out on the last few evenings to keep the new plantings sufficiently moist. If it's not one thing it's another! Sometimes it just seems like we gardeners are never satisfied. 


  1. Holy crow! That's darn hot! Over here, there's a frost advisory for tonight in the higher elevations just south of me. One good reason we don't plant until early May, around here.

  2. They are calling for frost here in Virgnia--Last week I had my air conditioning on in the house and then 2 days later I'm back to wearing a jacket and I have the heat back on--I really do love spring, but I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind!!...what was that about not being happy :-)

  3. You can always whitewash some of the panes of glass that will keep the heat down :D

  4. Louise - We're the same here, it's just the greenhouse that's hot when the gardener forgets to open the door!
    Kim We gardeners are never happy!
    SJM That's a really good idea, I think you can buy stuff thats easy to wash off again as well, must give it a try.


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