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The cost of potting compost can be quite prohibitive if you have a large garden like ours. And peat based compost has environmental concerns too. I make my own compost of course, but it's never enough for my needs, and since I have fairly terrible soil, I do tend to need quite a lot of compost to improve the soil when planting out, just to give the plants a decent chance. 
 I shop around for the good deals at garden centres and usually find I can get reasonable compost for around 5p a litre. Lidl is often good value, but currently I'm using Countrywide Stores own brand compost which is available at their stores for 3 x 100 litres for £16.

However, for garden use, as opposed to potting use, I get a cubic metre, which is 1000 litres, of Warrior Compost produced by my local recycling centre here in Wiltshire, Hills, and costs £33 including delivery. It's made from recycled local garden waste and is excellent stuff, weed free and accredited by the Soil Association and at just over 3p a litre great value. When I can make enough room by the gate, I intend to have a bulk delivery which will be even better value then I will be able to use it with abandon as a soil improver and top dressing. And I can  feel good about it because it's not only cheap but it's green as well. 
 If you don't live in Wiltshire, try your local recycling centre to see if they do a similar scheme.


  1. I've been offered the chance to scavenge the manure pile that belongs to a friend. I think I'll take her up on it.

  2. Wow that's a great deal! At the moment I'm lugging home bags of compost as I need them from Wilko's in town (we don't own a car).

    However I think I'm using it a bit more frugally - instead of starting things in deep pots I'm using modules like you. I'm also finding it easier to thin plants out in these and then grow them on a bit. The only snag....I think I'm going to have to buy more modular trays....

  3. Louise I would definitely go for that if you're up to the digging, manure can be incredibly heavy to shift about, but it's great for the garden, (and a good workout too!)

    Carolemc Ooh that sounds like hard work too!


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