Clear As Mud...

We have, or rather had, a nice pond in the garden. It's still a pond but it's not really very nice. You can't really see from the picture but it's the colour of pea soup.  I'm afraid I put this down to the ducks, who were allowed to spend quite a lot of last year on the pond, and their somewhat careless personal habits mean that the water has been "enriched" and is now too high in nitrogen which has caused the algae to flourish, hence the green water.

 I've had ducks on the pond before and not had this ill effect, but I think really you do need to have a source of running water such as a stream to make ducks really at home without running the risk of this kind of problem.  At the moment the ducks are in a run and have their own childrens paddling pond, which I can empty and refill at regular intervals. I'd prefer to let them free range, but I know they'd be straight on the pond, if they got the chance so it's not an option, for a while anyway.

So if you have ducks, and you don't want to end up with this

keep them out of your ornamental pond!


  1. I would kill for a pond like yours its lovely!

  2. I have a pond molding sitting in my back yard right now. I have always wanted to have a pond. My neighbor took out his and gave me the mold. With all of the mallards there are around here, however, you're making me rethink my plan.

  3. I had that dilemma. Although they look really picturesque paddling on a pond ( mine was a wildlife one), I resorted to a paddling pool that I could empty - usually every week - it's amazing how muckky the quackers can make it. I sited it under the downpipe from my greenhouse so that in a good downpour it cleaned the paddling pool with no help from me.

  4. Do a google search, I know that by suspending a small bale of straw in your pond can help keep pond water clear. Do ya need a duck recipe?? :D

  5. Get some frogs, the tadpoles clean up the algae a treat.
    The straw you need is barley straw. As it breaks down, it releases a natural chemical that inhibits the algae. Also, it is dependent on temperature, working faster in the summer. The monks in the middle ages used to use barley straw to keep their fish/carp ponds clear. Carp are even more mucky than ducks!
    good luck!

  6. I think that your pond is lovely, green water and all.

  7. hhhmm I have a little pond (very little as you will see from one of my blog posts) which is always usually crystal clear but it is full of green algae at the moment - maybe the weather has something to do with it?

  8. Thanks JG, but I'd swap it for your field anyday!

    Hi Louise, mallards only stay on my pond for a few days at a time, if that's the case, should be ok for you

    Brilliant idea TammyK, that must solve lots of problems, I'd like to try it

    SJM I've read about the barley straw thing, I think I'll have to give it a try

    Greenjackdavey, I'll try the barley straw thing, I don't knot about tadpoles, we have lots of frogs and toads in the garden , but I rarely see frogspawn? Maybe the heron takes it.

    Thanks Katie

    Good to know that I'm not the only one Sweet Pea!


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