Brandy and Lovage, tis 'ansome, my luvver*

These are the first few shoots of my Lovage coming through in the vegetable garden. Although it's a herb, I wouldn't recommend planting it in a little herb patch, as I did when I first had it, next to parsley and thyme. Little did I know, but like Topsy, it just growed and growed and was soon taller than me, and quite overwhelmed its neighbours. So I moved it to the veg garden where it comes up bigger and stronger every year, a bit like a rhubarb patch.

The young shoots have a strong celery-like flavour and can be used to advantage in a vegetable soup. Or you could try making the famous Lovage cordial with it. I've no idea how you make it, but when I was a pub landlady in Devon some years ago we always had a bottle of  Lovage behind the bar, and it was quite a popular drink for specific occasions. I think it must be a Devon thing, as I'd never heard of it before. But it was especially popular as a remedy for the morning after the night before. Rarely drunk on its own, people would come in lunchtimes and ask for a Brandy and Lovage "to settle my stomach", and then proceed to down another half a dozen in short order,  which did, I think, rather defeat the object. But it seemed like fun. 

*translates as "Brandy and lovage is quite delicious my friend" 


  1. I never heard of lovage, so I had to Google it. Interesting that they say that planting it helps keep insects away and other plants healthy.

  2. Hi Interesting post I used to grow Lovage a few years back and used the leaves in bread or pizzas rather an interesting flavour.

    I remember as a youth stopping in a pub on the edge of Dartmoor and feeling a little sick was given a brandy and lovage to drink rather a nice drink actually.

    Nice of you to fav my blog I have been remiss keeping up with blogs of late due to all the time I spend on lyme Disease advocacy but one day I will do my housework on my garden blog.

  3. That's interesting Louise, though I'm not surprised to hear it since the flavour is quite pronounced.

    Thanks JG you're too kind

    Joanne - Another great idea, will try it in savourya bread or pizza, thanks


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