Monday, 26 April 2010

And Pretty Maids All In A Row

I planted these tulips along the edge of the drive two or three years ago, as an underplanting to a lavender hedge. Sadly the lavender hedge has been a bit of a disaster, and its remains will have to be dug out and replaced this year, but I was waiting until after the tulips had finished before starting the job.

They are the very ordinary Red Aperdoorn tulips, for me the quintissential Max Bygraves Amsterdam tulip, and I like them for their very tulip-ness, if you know what I mean, and although I wouldn't normally plant things in soldier-like rows, I think tulips lend themselves to this situation and I'm pleased with the effect. Underplanting with forget me nots (rather than dead lavender) would be un-original, but no less enchanting for all that.

You need to get your tulips in the Autumn for planting in the dormant season, but you don't need to rush to plant them early when you put in your other spring flowering bulbs, and they can happily go in any time during the winter months when the ground is reasonable, even as late as January.


  1. Hi Kathy, thanks for the comment on my blog. I love your tulips. I have grown lots this year I have been especially pleased with some vivid burnt orange ones. I would love to cut them for indoors, but then they wouldn't look as nice for as long as they will in the garden. I will be back to check out more of your older posts.


  2. Hi, Kathy, You are right, tulips look great planted in a row. I love the color of yours. I plan to plant some along one of my picket fences this fall. Thank you for visiting my blog. Pam

  3. Happy Monday Kathy!! I agree that the tulips are beautiful planted in a row!!
    I love when people do mass plantings of the red tulips and put yellow in with them--My favorite! Hope your week is off to a good start!!

  4. these are stunning. I remember my mum getting a young lad to plant about 100 daffodil bulbs for her. She wanted them random & scattered - he planted them in neat rows- he even asked her if she wanted them to spell out WALES - she didn't ! He was an ex - offender and had done community service planting out borders for the council !

  5. I found some tulip buls that I hadn't been able to plant because of the snow. I put them in about 7 weeks ago and I'm amazed that they're up and flowering!

  6. maureen - I'm tempted too but I agree with you they look best and last longest in the garden

    Pam thanks, I will check back to see that

    Kim - many thanks, tuesday, so far so good!

    bad penny - how hilarious!!

    tammyk - Yes it's amazing how little time they seem to need underground before they put on the show

  7. Thank you so much for stopping by - what a lovely lovely blog you have. And what amazing tulips! xxxx

  8. Ohh they look lovely. We have a lavendar path along the front of our house. I bought a lavendar and took cuttings and then planted them in as small plants and they are happy as anything (have been there for at least 10 years now). Might be worth a go :-)

  9. Thanks Diane

    Scented Sweetpeas - I'm just so jealous now!

  10. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog earlier this week. I love those red tulips they look wonderful like that, what a great idea. Shame about your lavender hedge...maybe it was the type of lavender, we have tried to grow one twice, first with 'grasse' which was hopeless, far too leggy, and now with 'hidcote' which has worked well even in our claggy clay soil.

  11. ninasgarden - thanks for the tip, I think I may try hidcote next time, these ones are munstead, not vigorous enough I think for somewhat difficult conditions.



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