Surprises, and Shocks

The draft text below was to be my next post but circumstances have overtaken me before I had chance to put it online. The foxes have come again and this time taken my two new pullets. Since all the gates were closed this time, they must have come round by the house; I am amazed at their audacity. It seems that once foxes know where the birds are, they will persevere again and again until they get in. I am going to have to be extremely careful if I am to keep them out. The two newcomers were in a quarantine ark, admittedly old and a bit tatty, but one that had housed two or three birds in various parts of the garden most of this year without any sign of trouble. But they simply tore off the wood at the side of the ark to get at the two pullets. I have had a chat with a local gamekeeper who has said he will be coming into the village this week to do some "lamping" which is his method of fox control.

 Thanks to everyone who has taken the time and trouble to post messages of support, it's great to get them, and it helps to know that people sympathize.

Two feathery Surprises!
Our lovely little grandson has come with his mum to stay with us for the weekend, and with all the paraphanalia one needs to have when travelling with small children, Claire still managed to find room in her little car for a large cardboard box containing a surprise gift for me of - guess what? Two beautiful point of lay chickens that she had got for me when she read about the fox attack last week! How sweet is that! And they look like really good birds too, one is a Light Sussex, a lovely old dual purpose breed known for its gentle nature, and the other a very smart Copper Black Maran, which I'm hoping will lay a lovely dark brown egg. I couldn't be more pleased, and I feel blessed to have my kind and thoughtful family always here for me.


  1. Aww no! That's just terrible. Blasted foxes are really quite evil things really, I went right off then when I saw what they did to someones rabbits once. We don't get foxes in NZ but we do have our share of stoats, ferrets etc, all introduced species that wreak havoc in coops and native species.

  2. Life is so not fair - I really hope the foxes don't return. but what lovely gifts to receive.

  3. SJ&M- I've often thought it would be lovely to live in a place like NZ and no foxes just makes it sound even better! thanks for your kind comments
    Teawithone - I'm on SuperFoxAlert at the moment, so we will see. many thanks for commenting.

  4. oh no!
    can you lock them in a few days?
    they are persistant buggers....and come around every night....

    keep your chin up


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