Spring Gems

There's nothing unusual about this plant, which lots of people have in their garden, Viburnum Bodnentense var Dawn - but it's no less valuable for that. I have three of them in various parts of the garden, they flower on and off all through the winter, even in the snow, but come spring proper, they burst forth with generous amounts of waxy scented flowers on bare branches.
A few stems in a vase will perfume the room and look quite artistic in a japanese-y sort of way. Great if you're not exactly Contance Spry on the flower arranging front. 
It's easy to grow, available in most good garden centres, and fits into most garden schemes. Underplanted with spring bulbs it will make the most of the display. And if you're short of space and want to maximise the space for summer, you could plant one of the less rampant clematises to at the same time to climb through the branches and give you a burst of summer colour. Hagley Hybrid or Miss Bateman spring to mind.


  1. I've always wanted to know what this plant was but never got round to finding out. SO thank you for sharing.

  2. I never knew the name of these flowers, but I remember their lovely scent. Thank you.


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