See I Told You Winter Was Over

The first leaf has unfurled on my rhubarb patch.Hurrah! So have several leaves of ground elder you may observe.  I know forced rhubarb has been in the shops for a while, and you can cover it with an upturned dustbin, or an expensive terracotta cover, and so on, but I rarely bother prefering to just let it arrive when it's ready.

I grew up in Yorkshire, which is probably why I'm not all that enthusiastic about rhubarb, I probably had rather too much of it as a child. I well remember my dad digging up a large root of rhubarb and keeping it under his bed for several weeks in the spring (for forcing purposes), so keen was he on getting an early crop. But it's very much more fashionable nowadays, (eating it, not keeping it under the bed) and I usually get a generous enough crop. So it's good to see the first leaf. Maybe I should look around for some more imaginative recipes this year? Maybe I'll try a nice preserve if I can find a good recipe. Recommendations welcome.


  1. My hubby's gran used to dip it in sugar and eat it raw. But I guess your dentist wouldn't approve of it. I'm about to start sowing some lettuce and can't wait for a result. Failing that it will be cress all round for us! There is something magical about seeing the first bright shoot of green I just love

  2. First leaves of just about anything are exciting at this time of year. I think rhubarb works really well in cakes and I also make a liqueur out of it which is rather good - sugar, vodka and rhubarb soaked for as many months as you can hold out.

  3. teawithone - I remember something similar now you come to mention it!

    Choclette - Vodka puts a whole new complexion on it, must try!


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