New Gadget

I've invested in a new garden gadget. It's one of these -
it's a little cordless hedge trimmer and grass shear. It has two blades, one like a mini hedge trimmer, and another like grass shears. And it's cordless. We already have an ordinary electric hedge trimmer, and of course a lawn mower, but I find the problem with garden machinery is it's a pain to get it out, get it going, and put it away again, especially just for a small job.  So I'm thinking this little cordless thing will be just the ticket for all those small jobs that get overlooked, until, before you can say Jack Robinson they've turned into half a day's work . And before all you proper Tool Time blokey gardeners start telling me it's too dinky, it's got no power, no grrr, well I know that, but I'm hoping it will help me save the time I spend doing jobs that could have been done in half the time had I just tackled them quickly in the beginning. A sort of Stitch in Time Machine, if you see what I mean.
I plan to keep it on charge, so it's ready to grab for any emergency trimming scenarios that occur. If anyone has experience of using one I'd be glad to hear how you've got on with it.


  1. Ooh I could do with one of those! I've been triming some hedges and I was leaning over with the big shears and forgot about me chest and gravity! Them blasted handles hurt when you lop to quick! I think you better hurry up and use it and report back!

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