Daphne Odora a Treat for the Postman

No digging today, for no other reason that it's Friday, I've been digging all week, and it's drizzling rain. Sometimes we gardeners have to remind ourselves of the simple pleasure of wandering round the garden, even in the drizzle, and not doing anything except just enjoying it.
And one of the most intense pleasures of the garden at this time of year is Daphne Odora, of which I have a good specimen growing by the front door.  The flowers are small and pale pink, a bit like a viburnum, and not really very significant. But as it's name implies, it casts around itself the most wonderful scent, which  is enjoyed not just by me, but in a public spirited kind of way I hope that everyone who comes to the door enjoys it too, just for these few weeks in March when it's flowering. I feel sure that should a bailiff be calling at your front door,(or do they come to the back door?) intent on distraining your chattels, it would surely soften their heart to stand in a cloud of Daphne Odora for two minutes while they waited for you to come out from behind the sofa.

The variety I have is aureomarginata, named for the delicate pale line around the edges of the foliage. It's evergreen, slow growing, needing little or no pruning, - I've had this one around ten years and it's slowly grown to about four feet across and barely three feet high, perfect for planting by the front door. So go on, treat the postman, and charm the bailiff  with Daphne Odora aureomarginata.


  1. kathy,
    it is amazing how much work that needs to be done before veg can be planted....I must have lost a stone in a week preparing my beds......

    any fox news/????

  2. Because of the loss of our Golden Retriever this past week I've not felt much like reading blogs, but now I do and am catching up. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy my visits to your blog! You post the most interesting things about plants etc., and I find myself learning something or getting an idea each time I stop by--I guess you can teach an "old dog" (meaning me) something new! :-) Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. What a timely post! We've spent today creating a border and it's crying out for plants! You've given me one plant to look out for! :D

  4. I love Daphne odora, it's got such a sweet almost fruity quality to the scent. I've planted two at work, one outside the staffroom to waft through the window and keep the teachers happy, and the other by the entrance of the science block which completely fills with scenta dn keeps everyone else happy! Brilliant plant.

  5. JG - Do you think we could produce a fitness video, Lose Weight On The Allotment? I keep seeing foxes in the field, but touch wood no more incursions in the chicken run, I'm being extra careful with locking up though.

  6. Kim - I'm so sorry about your loss, and I'm glad if my ramblings help distract you for a while.Best wishes, kathy

  7. SJM - Hope it works for you.

    James -These staff members don't realise how lucky they are!!


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