Breaking News - Last Minute Reprieve for A N Rodent

Arthur Norbert Rodent, you have been found guilty of extensive and recidivist burglary of broad beans and peas. However, the court has been informed that it is possible that your death sentance can be commuted to life banishment from the Greenhouse, by courtesy of this device -

This is an electronic rodent scaring device, intended for use in the house and which I have used  when we have had odd mouse incursions, especially in the winter when they seem to come in for a warm. Anyway, it seemed to do the job OK, so I think I will try it in the greenhouse. I don't know why I haven't thought of it before. Luckily I have an electric point in there so I will give it a go and hope that Arthur Norbert Rodent will get his lunch elsewhere and I won't have any corpses to deal with. Will report back on success/failure rate. Has anyone else tried anything like this?


  1. Pretty neat! Never heard of this device before. We use a similar sized electronic gizmo that has kept ants out of the house for 10 years. So, hope your device will keep the rodent away.


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