You know it's cold when...

this happens....

I was out breaking up the ice on the water supply for the chickens and ducks, and the horses, and on the way back I thought I might as well dig up a few carrots and whatever else I might still find in the frozen wastes of the veg garden. Sadly this old fork wasn't up to the job, and I shouldn't have been trying to dig in frozen ground anyway.  Needless to say I didn't get any veggies, and this fork has forked its last sod. It was in any case an ancient specimen, and I'm very happy to say that among my Christmas presents this year was a lovely new stainless steel fork and spade from Sarah Raven (I don't mean that the famous lady sent it to me herself of course, my lovely husband bought it from her excellent online shop for me). They're "ladies size" implements, which does sound a bit Little Britain, but it's good for me as it means I'm less likely to strain my back if I'm lifting smaller spadefuls at a time. That's the theory anyway. Personally I think I'm less likely to strain my back if someone else does the digging....


  1. I had not heard of Sarah Raven before this post. I looked up her gardening tools. Pretty neat! I think I need a new rake!

  2. It is cold. I wanted to go over to the allotment this weekend and dig up some parsnips through the icy soil, but envisaged this happening to me.

    Happy New Year to you.

  3. If you hadn't of already been gifted with a new fork, I'd tell you that it is possible to put a new handle on a broken tool.

    As it is, enjoy that new fork!

  4. I love Sarah Raven's site too Callie, not cheap, but all really good quality stuff.

    Mangocheeks - how frustrating is it to not be able to dig up your veggies! (I know, should have made a clamp..)

    Just Trying -I might have tried, if I hadn't already broken off one of the tines of the fork as well, yes I know - Cack Handed Gardener of Year that's me. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  5. Please don't throw your fork away. Find someone locally who turns wood and ask them to make a new handle for you - the iron will last forever!

  6. Sarah - thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately I have already managed to break one of the tines on the fork, otherwise I would definately have gone down that route,thanks for taking the trouble to comment.


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