Breaking News - Jerusalem Artichokes are delicious!

Jerusalem Artichokes. I admit it, I was wrong. Jerusalem Artichoke soup is delicious. I hadn't bothered with it before because frankly I couldn't believe that something so unprepossessing could turn out so delicious. But thanks largely to my friends at Downsizer I have to admit that this is really lovely, easy, and cheap (well it is for me because I've got bucketfuls of them, as you may remember from this photo last week

Anyway, here's the recipe, should you find yourself with similar bucketfuls, or maybe just a few slightly cleaner specimens in your veg box, (they are, as James Martin always says, bang in season now)

large knob of butter
1 Onion chopped
3 pounds/1.5kg of Jerusalem Artichokes
2pints/1 litreof chicken stock
half pint/250ml  of milk
salt, pepper
grating of nutmeg
swirl of cream

Melt the butter in a frying pan

yes, I know you know what melting butter looks like, but I thought this picture looked rather delicious......
Anyway, add the chopped onion, and the peeled and roughly chopped artichokes and fry gently without browning for a few minutes.

Add the chicken stock, cover, and simmer until soft, I think it took about 20-30 minutes. Add the milk, then tip everything into the food processor, or blender, and blend until smooth. Return to saucepan, season with salt, pepper and a little nutmeg, and ladle into bowls and stir in a little cream, in a swirly cheffy sort of way. This is a lovely homespun soup, but good enough for a dinner party too. Do try it.


  1. I will have to read up on these artichokes. We enjoy them in salads, but I have never grown any. I don't know if they will grow here. I will have to check with my farmer friends. Thanks for the recipe. Liz

  2. I don't remember seeing these kind of artichokes, but the soup sounds delicious.

  3. missliz, I'd be surprised if you can't they're very undemanding, good luck
    Callie - Hope you can source some locally,maybe you can grow some ?
    JG Thanks, hope you enjoy it

  4. Kathy,
    Glad you found the Artichokes are delicious, it's amazing how creamy a soup comes out.

    Another little fact about Jerusalem artichokes, they are a great prebiotic, that is they encourage healthy gut bacteria improving your healthy cheaply!

  5. I'm still living on your treacle pud. Yum, yum. Please keep the recipies coming.

  6. So glad you like these hugely underrated veg. I haven't yet tried soup, but it's on my list as I've also got rather a lot of them in our plot. I actually like them just boiled with a bit of lemon and butter. But roasted, baked, used in stews etc all equally good. My biggest complaint is cleaning them. It looks as though you have a nice smooth variety - ours are rather nobbly!

  7. Neil - thanks for that bit of info it's always great to think that something that's good to eat is actually good for you as well

  8. Gambo - Glad you liked the recipe, nothing like a good old fashioned pud, especially in this weather!

  9. Choclette - I've yet to try those other ways with the artichokes, but looking forward to it, when I can get round to the prep - mine seem pretty knobbly to me!


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