The Three Tenors

Of the thirteen Hubbard chickens that I am raising for the table, there are I think four or five cockerels, which isn't a problem, until they grow up - and start to crow. These three are the biggest of the bunch  and have clearly decided to embark on a competition to decide who can sing loudest.

Only one has what you could call a proper crow as yet, the others are still working on the Strangulated Cat variation. I had expected to have them all in the freezer by now, but Sid my friendly chicken expert and butcher has advised me to fatten them up a bit more. They don't seem to be fighting, which can also be a problem with cockerels, so I will leave them all together for the time being. I think it helps that they have plenty of room, so aren't under so much pressure to compete with each other. Except on the singing front. Every now and then they take up their positions, and in a very orderly fashion take it in turns to perform, it's a bit like X Factor for Chickens. The other hens stand around like admiring groupies. Me, I'm just Simon Cowell. Pass the earplugs.


  1. Ha ha, great post. Those chickens are worming their way into your affections to avoid the pot!

  2. I do have to always remember it Janice! Thanks for stopping by, Kathy

  3. Thanks for the nice comments, glad you like the blog.

    Looking forward to hearing how you get on with raising birds for the table - it's something we're thinking of attempting in the new year

  4. These birds will definately be in the freezer before Christmas, so I will post full results then! Thanks for commenting.


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