A Tall Poppy?

I went out into the garden yesterday to take a couple of photos of the very pregnant lady who is living in the next field..

Lovely isn't she? She isn't mine but I go out to take her carrots and apples every morning, and yesterday, as I had my camera, I looked around to see if there was anything else worth photographing. In the next field, which is an arable field, was this

A Poppy. Nothing unusual in that you might say. Well first of all it's November and there are very few poppies  in flower in November in Wiltshire. Secondly, it's in a field of cereals where you never see wild flowers at all because they are sprayed into oblivion unless they're organic and this one isn't. And thirdly it was the only one in the whole field and you could see this one tiny flower from hundreds of yards away.

So I took these photos and went back indoors because it was starting to rain again. I turned on the tv  - it was 11am, the Remembrance Day service was on and the two minutes silence just starting.
How strange was that!


  1. She is lovely and looking like she is close. I know she enjoys the treats. My horses do. Just one little flower can really liven a field up.

  2. I love that color of horse. She looks blue. So pretty. That poppy is a gift. Beautiful.


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