Pheasant Visitor

This handsome chap has visited the garden several times recently, he strolls about in a rather vague way as though he's looking for something - maybe another pheasant - the chickens don't seem to take any notice of him.

And if he's worried about blokes with guns at all you'd never guess.

Of course the cook in me can't help thinking he'd make a lovely roast dinner, but since I've got a dozen chickens fattening up, I think I can afford to let him continue to stroll decoratively around the place.


  1. Such a beautiful bird. Sounds like he would like to join the chickens.

  2. Actually Callie, I think he's bringing his own friends now, there were three of them out there this morning!!

  3. How very pretty. I would get so excited if I saw one. We have some wild turkeys around here; but pheasants are so pretty.

  4. Wild turkeys must be quite something! Pheasants are very common in the countryside around her and they are very pretty.

  5. He's so beautiful. The colors are amazing. What great photos you snapped.


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