No Roast Chicken Yet!

Sid, my friendly expert butcher, has called in to see my Hubbard table birds and pronounced them well grown but too skinny to dispatch yet. He advises restricting their space as he thinks they are running off all the feed they consume as they have the run of our large garden and are consequently not putting on the weight ( I feel there's a lesson for us all here somewhere) and  I should feed them on plenty of rolled barley and boiled potato peelings.

So I have put them in a run, where they still have plenty of space and grass, and I have been amazed at how much they are actually eating, I feel guilty that I haven't been feeding them enough. They are having three high carb meals a day of rolled barley, some boiled slug damaged potatoes, and whatever else is around, bread, pasta, anything really that would give Dr Atkins the screaming heeby jeebies. Anyway they seem perfectly happy and can be seen lolling contentedly on the grass having consumed their large lunch of apple cores, rolled barley, potatoes and some wholewheat pasta that I bought one time when I was trying to be healthy and never used. Sid's checking back in three weeks. Hold the bread sauce.

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