Keith Floyd RIP

This isn't so much a recipe as a small remembrance of Keith Floyd, who died last week.  Many years ago, I had a conversation with him about the correct way to make a bacon sandwich, and, lover of plain English cooking that he was, when I finally got round to demonstrating it at about 3 am, I think he quite enjoyed it.

Per person
Two slices cut from a crusty white loaf
Quite a lot of streaky bacon
2 or 3 sliced mushrooms
a  generous glass of red wine

Fry the bacon slowly in a heavy frying pan so that it renders its fat. Turn up the heat towards the end so that it crisps up. Remove the bacon and fry the mushrooms in the rendered bacon fat. Toast the bread lightly, butter lightly, and pile on the bacon and mushrooms. Top with the second slice and press down firmly. I believe there was some discussion about ketchup, which I don't normally allow, but I'm a little vague on the details for some reason.
Drink the wine.


  1. The Lasting Tribute website has updated its memorial pages to include Keith Floyd.

    It's a respectful memorial to him and somewhere to pay tribute to his life and work, entertaining people and cooking good food.

    EVERY comment is monitored so that nothing offensive or inappropriate is published.


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