End of One Season, Start of the Next

Veg Garden
It's easy to think of September as the end of the growing season for the allotment garden. But gardeners always have to think ahead, and there's still time, if you're quick, to put in a few things which will tide you over during the winter months, even if you don't have the luxury of greenhouses and polytunnels, though it's a big help if you do. If you want a supply of brussels sprouts and sprouting broccoli  you're way too late, but now is a good time to sow some cabbage for a supply of spring greens early next year. Offenham Flower of Spring is the one I use, and it's also worth trying some of the modern quick growing pointed cabbages like Hispi, particularly if you're short of space.

White turnips can still also be sown, and picked young as baby turnips can be delicious seved with a rich winey stew. And a row of quick growing carrots could still be ok to sow now, especially if there's decent weather next month. Always worth a gamble.  Rhubarb Chard will probably be fine if you get it in now and will stand all the cold the winter can throw at it. And don't forget to keep sowing trays of baby salad leaves, outside if it's fine and warm, and you can bring them under cover if it turns suddenly cold. You'll save a fortune on bags of supermarket salad and it's ten times nicer. 

I feel obliged to say you can also sow oriental veg like Mizuna, mibuna, tatsio etc, but I'm afraid I end up feeding most of it to the chickens. But if you like it you can sow it now. But be quick.

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