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I Can't Stand Sheep

There comes a point every year when I decide I can't stand sheep. Not that you could tell from this picture of the two lovely lambs that arrived last week, when all was well.  But sadly this idyllic scene was fairly swiftly followed by three dead lambs, for which I could find no real reason. One ewe was a first lamber and rejected her lamb even though she had a plentiful supply of milk, and that's really annoying. Well there are still three more to go so let's hope for an easier time with them.

On a jollier note I came across this Australian Permaculture music thing, aimed mostly at kids but great fun for anyone. Not at all the usual let's all plant a seed together type of thing, but much more edgy and fun.  My favourite is My Dad's Dunny, (you have to explain that Dunny is Australian for toilet) and No Such Thing As Waste, both of which have great videos to go with them. Highly recommended.

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